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桜花繚乱 Filled with Full-Bloomed Cherry Blossoms



Original (Real guitar version)


Song title: 桜花繚乱 Filled with Full-Bloomed Cherry Blossoms
Romaji title:[Ouka ryouran]
Music and lyrics written, and voice edited by マチゲリータP(Machigerita-P)
Guitar by NANA
Singers: 鏡音凛 [Rin Kagamine]
Language: Old Japanese

English subbed

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English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

The spring breeze brings fragrance to the sleeves of brocade
on the way in a shower of cherry blossoms
What touches the tip of the finger is the voluptuous body without a stitch of clothing

Honeydews of the cherry blossoms make me feel it's immoral
What touches the tip of the finger is
the voluptuous melancholy body of the blossoms in the reality
I cry aloud. Where is blueness of the sky?
Fair pale red-orange they bloom

"The broken love is like a falling blossom”

Lambently, flutteringly, by the time when the cherry blossoms fall
I make a promise of love and devote myself to you. I gaze this transient world,
losing myself in thought

Lambently, flutteringly, by the time when the cherry blossom dances in the wind
Farewell to love that is to be gone waftly

The cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms, it's a sad fate
Cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms, ah, the cherry blossoms dancing in the wind

The broken love will keep on blooming in all its glory
even it falls apart like a falling blossom.

Lalala, lalala, ah, a sad song
Ah, the recollective light of the days passed away

Cherry blossoms, Cherry blossoms, ah, a sad song
It's to be shined by the light of garden lantern

It's fading in the days of happiness
Ah, it's a song that is to melt into the cold snow

It should be in the mask that breaks down and fall
where a nightmare would pass, but…

Lambently, flutteringly, the cherry blossoms dance in the wind and falls.
Farewell to the way where you are to fall and die

Lambently, flutteringly, cherry blossoms dance in the wind and fall
Under the cherry tree it's gone with the last breath

The cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms, the lives that are to fall and die
The cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms, ah, the ruddily falling cherry blossoms

Romaji lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

Harukaze kaoru nishiki no sode ni sakura-fubuki no susabu michi
Yubisaki fureru wa tsuyayakana isshi matowanu sono sugata

Higagoto oboyu sakura no mitsu ni yukuw wa shirazu mo susabu michi
Yubisaki fureru wa tsuyayakana ibusesh utsutsu no hana no sama

Ne wo naku sora no aosa wa doko ka?
Irozuku hanabira no iro hitotsu
Niou daidai irozuite 

"Kowashi omoi wa, sange no youni"

Harari hirari sakura chiru koro
Kigiri kashizuku nagamu ukiyo wa

Harari hirari sakura mau koro
Omoi chiriyuku fuwari sayonara

Sakura Sakura kanashiki sadame
Sakura Sakura kaze ni mau sakura yo

Kowareshi omoi wa sange no youni chiritemo nao saki hokoru no dearou

Rarara rarara kanashiki uta yo
Sugishi hibi eno tsuioku no hi yo

Sakura Sakura kanashiki uta yo
Tourou no hi ni terasareteiru

Shiawasena hibi ni kieteyuku
Tsumetai yuki ni tokeyuku uta yo
Kuzure ochiru kamen no naka ni
Akumu ga tooru hazu no tokoroga...

Yurari hirari sakura maichiru
Anata chiriyuku michi ni sayonara

Yurari hirari sakura maichiru
Saigo ni kieta sakura no shita de

Sakura Sakura chiriyuku inochi
Sakura Sakura akaku chiru sakura yo

Japanese have used natural phenomenon, fauna and flora to express their feelings and situations they were in when they wrote the poems/waka, instead of openly showing them. We can still see it in the modern Japanese pop music, and what they symbolize make the lyrics more abstract but more meanful.
The cherry blossom (Sakura) is a special flower for Japanese. Since 8th century, the cherry blossom has been written in poems and songs and was loved so much that the word 花,hana(flower/blossom) became to commonly mean "the cherry blossom". The cherry blossom was the most beloved flower because of it beauty and also of its very short life, as it only lasts for about a week after they bloomed to the utmost .There are several things the cherry blossom symbolizes in Japan and especially Man's fugacious life, love or woman's beauty was often identified with lives of the cherry blossom.
Though it has religious backgrounds of Buddism, the way of using it is a bit similar to an English saying "Women are as roses, whose fairflower being once displayed, doth fall that very hour"

*Some classic Japanese words carries different meanings from those of modern
匂ふ(におう/におふ): classically means bloom
鬱悒し(いぶせし): melancholy
嘘(僻事/ひがごと): classically means immoral
思ゆ(覚ゆ/おぼゆ): means feelor think
契る(ちぎる): meansmake a promise, and also make love classically
眺む(nagamu): to gaze something abstractedly, losing oneself in thought

*Some of old Japanese hiragana are pronouced diffrently. For instance, ひhi, ふfu, へhe, ほho, will be i, u, e, o.
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