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好きでいました I've Loved You

Original (Meiko version)

【MEIKOオリジナル】好きでいました - Opening Edit.【DiGiZeN】

Song Title: 好きでいました I've Loved You
Romaji Title:[Suki de Imashita]
Music, Lyrics written by しづきあやの(Shizuki Ayano / ayano.czP )
Sounds and voice edition by toki
Illustrations by りちか(Richika)

Original (Luka version)

【巡音ルカオリジナル】好きでいました - Piano Edit.【DiGiZeN】

Music, Lyrics by しづきあやの(Shizuki Ayano / ayano czkey)
Voice edition by toki
Illustrations by 田中(Tanaka)
Singer;巡音ルカ [Luka Megurine]

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English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain:

I've loved you for a long long time
If I love you, I'll stand in the way of yours
That's why, that's why, I haven't told you anything
Hiding how I've been feeling

The only thing in the sky is the wane moon and it shines me
Like a dream, the path you came and went to see me was mistily mystified
As it even makes footprints we made disappear
It will also blot out something between you and me

Like flowing water of a river
Making a fate whirl in vain

I've loved you for a long long time
I knew loving you would make me fall in a decay
I've been willing to die for it
Even if time has gone by,

I've loved you for a long long time
What good will it be to love you?
Even so, even so, I'll ablaze with love
And endure to the end of love

I've loved you for a long long time
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