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ブルーエッグ幻想曲 Blue Egg Fantasia



Song Title:ブルーエッグ幻想曲 Blue Egg Fantasia
Romaji Title:[Blue Egg Gensoukyoku]
Lyrics by azur
Music and Voice edition by 疾風P(Shippuu-P)
Illustrations by ぽんじり (Ponjiri)
Singer(s); 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune] Append Light

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English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain:

March Hare appeared in the dream and was looking for an egg with a basket in his hand [1]
He was running about in the bushes not to be late for the tea time

The main sweets were custard, tarts, puddings and cream puffs
Fresh-baked quiche added a touch of color. I said, "Let's dig in!",
And then I arose from sleep in the morning.

Things won't easily go on as we want and that's the way the world goes
If there're so many good things around, that will even make us forget throbs someday, right?

The future is still in the shell
Till the day it's born
As I stretch my arms and lay down, the beat rings, it's a fantasia

If I make an egg stand, I'm an adventurer. It's difficult to make the first step. [2]
I'm unsure if it's the west or the east, I can't always decide which way to go,

When I look for the star, it's cloudy. The lighthouse keeper is having a nap
Is it possible to chase the rolling egg and jump out of the sinking ship?

If it's the only one thing in the world, we shouldn't lose it
Once it has a fall and breaks, we can't put it together again, even if we cry [4]

The feelings are still far in the sky, at the place where you are, who stand back to back with me
I stretched my arms and tightly held a fantasia that turns blue.

I'm still in the shell. I can take on any form as I want
I'm even proud of the scars
Till the day I give my cry and I'm born again
The future is still in a dream. As I wanted to touch you who were alone,
I stretched my arms and tightly held you with the whole egg (world) that floats in the universe (sky)
I tightly held the ringing beat
A fantasia fills inside the shell

[1] March Hare from "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carol
[2] Egg of Columbus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_of_Columbus
[3] Quotation from "Humpty Dumpty"

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