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ハナイチモンメ (Hana Ichi Monme)


【VY1-MIZKI】 ハナイチモンメ 【オリジナル】
Music Title: ハナイチモンメ
Romaji title:[Hana Ichi Monme]
Singer: [VY1 MIZKI]
Music & Lyrics written, voice edited by くろずみP(Kurozumi-P)
Illustlated by 蝶夜

Japanese lyrics

English lyrics by Blacksaingrain

At the moonlit night, in the bewildering settlement
The call of oni can be heard in the wind
It's "Hana ichi monme" risking one's life
To go against the doom

An infant child was lead by his/her mother without knowing
And the human sacrifice cried in front of oni
That's what a storyteller recites

"I want that kid"
"We don't understand which child you mean"
"I want this kid"
"No, not my child..."

The custom of the settlement is repeated
His/Her mother who faltered laments
She did it just because of an attempt to save herself from destruction
Her child is at the place where oni live and never comes back
When it died down the child groaned
The last voice called his/her mother

She sacrificed the life and stays alive
What she recalls is the day she spend with her child
At the night she is smitten by remorse
She sees an illusion of her child's smile

What is your life for?
Who gave you the voice?
As the time passes
How many children should we sacrifice?

A sin and a punishment
I put them together and go with her feelings

On the day in lunisolar April, the fallacy was dispelled
And it was gone in the hell fire
I'm doing this for the child, as a funeral that is too late
Even till the day I die

I rip the painful day that repeats and show it's an act of insanity
What I'll break are errors that have been repeated
I just decapitate oni who gloat...
In the days till the end of the world... Ah...

*This song is based on a Japanese traditional children's game, Hana Ichi Monme
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