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泣き虫サンタ A Soppy Santa



Song Title:泣き虫サンタ A Soppy Santa
Romaji Title:[Nakimushi Santa Claus]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by Pianissimo
Singer:鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine]

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English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

A soppy Santa Claus easily feels lonely
She looked up stars in the sky and thought
"This is the year I’ll bring happiness all over the town"
Red clothes, a triangular hat, a big bag
Having put presents in the bag
She thought of everyone’s delighted face
Then she cheerfully set off
She yelped with delight that she would head for the first star in the evening
And go at it

Once she decided she wouldn’t give up again even if it would be
What she couldn’t do nothing about
No matter she was alone, No matter how heavy her work was
She would bear
But at heart she was very very scared

She was a soppy Santa Claus

The little Santa Claus greatly fell down
She became close to tears and thought
"I always fail everything I try"
She welled up with tears
"It’s all right, don’t cry"
A ray of light was held out
"I was watching that you were trying as much as you can"
"Let’s go and take happiness together"
"However hard it may be, if the two of us do it together, it would be easy"
"If the four of us do it together, see, we can get over any slopes"
"If more people gather and everyone’s power gets together, we can do anything"
"So, stop crying now"
"We all love you"
"A Soppy Santa Claus"
What she wished at the holy night when the snow kept falling was
Once, then and forever, the only one thing
The wish the soppy Santa Claus had been dreaming for a long time came true
"I won’t cry when I fall down next time"
"Because I’m not alone any more"
"I just don’t know what to do. I’m so happy"
"I wonder if I’m putting on a smile"
She was tearful and soppy because she cried with a smile

A Soppy Santa Claus
In a town somewhere far away
Lives a Santa Claus with a smile of happiness
It’s a lovely fairytale
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