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クリスマスの朝 On the Christmas Morning


【KAITO】クリスマスの朝 【オリジナル曲】

Song Title:クリスマスの朝 On the Christmas Morning
Romaji Title:[Christmas no Asa]:[Kurisumasu no Asa]
Music and lyrics by どぅるぎたーP(Dwurugitaa-P)
Singer; [KAITO]
Illustrated by ワカコヒメモエ(wakakohimemoe)

English translation by blacksaingrain

When I wake up, you’re next to me
Yeah, it was Christmas Eve yesterday
Outside the snow hasn’t stopped yet
I’ll stay like this a little more

Even on the special morning or even in the daily midafternoon
I’ll love you just the same with my eyes
If you want my words, I’ll say it again and again
If you want peace, I’ll be by your side forever
You hold the warmth in a sheet

Still you’re sleeping with a white face
On the table is the last night’s present
With a card that a promise is written on

Even in the hazy future or even in a moment before my eyes
I’ll love you just the same with my powers
I don’ care even if you have a secret that you can’t tell me
I’ll hold the irreparable sorrows tight together with you

You wake up with the weak eyes
There is nothing to say

Even when we’re close like this or even when we’re far apart
I’ll believe you just the same strongly
Till the given life ends someday
Forever I’ll believe you who loved me
You don’t need to rely on the faded memory
Let us live together forever from today

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