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夕日のバイオリニスト The Violinist of The Setting Sun


【鏡音レン オリジナル曲】夕日のバイオリニスト【PV付き】

Song Title:夕日のバイオリニスト The Violinist of The Setting Sun
Romaji Title:[Yuuhi no baiorinisuto]
Music by Kazui
Lyrics by Danzig
Illustrations by 壱村
Singer: 鏡音レン [Len Kagamine]

English subbed

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English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Ah, the setting sun, let the song reach her
Be the dawn of the town where she lives....

When rows of red roofs are dyed in deep red
And shadows of carriages on stone pavement are gone
Soon a veil of stars will come down to the town

When the morning comes, in a white silky dress
You'll be taken away to a town across the sea
I'll see you off with sorrows

I wonder if there had been lights in my eyes
I could have created the different future, even a slight difference
"You can play it", you said to me
I couldn't even believe what your words meant...

The big teardrops I shed shake my true feelings
And something slept in my heart awake

At dusk the sun is setting
I'm on the hill overlooking the town that gets dim
With the view you told me you loved
Alone I'll play all my feelings

If I had had a bit of courage at that time
I could have held the tips of your thin fingers for you
I can play devouring passion like this
You, my irreplaceable goddess, have believed I could do it

Every memory comes back inside me
Your figure, your voice, your smile you gave me
You words and now I feel I can understand the all of them
You wanted me to realize this beautiful melody, right?

I want to let the melody inside me that you made me realize
Get into the tone of passion and send it to the place far away
Though I can't turn back the time that has already passed
I believe keeping on playing it is a proof of love

Ah, the setting sun, take it to her
Be the dawn of the town where she lives
I'll turn my love for you into my pride and play
To let it reach your heart someday
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