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春色の絵本 Picture Book of The Colors of Spring



Song Title:春色の絵本 Picture Book of The Colors of Spring
Romaji Title:[Haru Iro no Ehon]
Music and lyrics by 顔面強打P(Ganmenkyouda-P)
Illustrated by Ganmenkyouda-P
Singer: 歌愛ユキ[Yuki Kaai]
Chorus by [MEIKO]

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

The white snow floats in the sky and comes down today as always
Down to the town...

The morning sun put on a veil
The warmth couldn't reach
In the frozen town
No one knew a season called "spring"

A picture book with a white front cover
Pages were still white
With the weak fingers the girl tried to draw "spring" she had never seen

A flower that could not be even found in pictorial books
A color that could not be even seen in dreams

She wrote and rewrote
Still she could write just a few pages
It was impossible to draw views that she yearned for with a child's imagination

One day the girl dreamed of
Flowers, colors, views of spring
With her cold fingers the girl started to draw "spring" she saw in the dream

Flowers of faint and various colors
Young leaves that strongly sprouted out

People in the white town that was closed by snows
Were drawn as a vestige that they had surely lived there

The picture book that once had been all white
Was filled with the green color that she dreamed of
The girl tightly held the book and happily closed her eyes

"At last I could draw them"

There is no one in the town now
In a library of the white town
The picture book of the colors of "spring" is waiting
For the day when "spring" will be born

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