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トラベラー Traveler


【オリジナル】 トラベラー 【feat.初音ミク】

Song Title:トラベラー Traveler
Romaji title:[Traveler]
Music, Lyric written & Voice edited by ルナP(Runa-P/Luna-P)
Singer: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

Fanmade Promotional Video (Short version)

Illustlated by こころりP(KokororiP)

English subbed

Click here for the Japanese lyrics

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

As I was singing to the sky, the rainbow has appeared.
The white clouds called me.
I'll step forward and go ahead toward tomorrow.

The wind in spring breezed and blew the cherry blossoms away.
Like a dream that has been gone.

The sun in summer made shades and shined the sea shore.
I came to know what I'd been looking for.

I'll gather all the pieces of slight joy and happiness
and put them together, I'll go anywhere.

I've stretched myself in the days I was smiling.
The blue sea called me, too.
I've made up my mind not to set my limit.
As the world I've stepped into isn't always paradisiacal,
I believe I can find happiness.

The sign of autumn was there and the sun was setting.
They were like the view I'd seen through the window.

The rain of winter fell and down came a powdery snow.
As I was try to run away, it changed me.

Though it's impossible to notice small beginnings
Don't forget, I'll be right here.

As I was singing to the sky, the moon has appeared.
The shallow dream called me.
Step forward to future endlessly.
As the world I've stepped into isn't always paradisiacal,
I believe I'll meet you someday.

(Till the day I can meet you again)

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