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るー閣下のマグロ一本釣り教室 Her Excellency Lu Teaches at a Pole‐and‐line Fishing Tuna Class



Song Title:るー閣下のマグロ一本釣り教室 Her Excellency Lu Teaches at a Pole‐and‐line Fishing Tuna Class
Romaji title:[Luu kakka no maguro ipponduri kyousitu]
Music and lyrics by 谷屋(Taniya)
Singer:巡音ルカ [Luka Megurine]

English subbed

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English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Ah, ah, ah, ah,

I don’t know why, but as soon as he bought me,
He said “Sing this”
Now why can I not whiplash him?
And I don’t know why (actually I don’t care), but as it seems I’ve got to do it
I’ll speak some

Eh? What?
Did you think I’m gonna sing from now on?
Are you stupid?

To tell you the truth, I don’t feel like doing it
Just imagine, as our fees are fixed, the more we sing songs,
the less fee per a song will be
The formula is dividing 15,000 yen (tax excluded) by number of songs, okay?
Then, I should do my best from the next one
If I sing all the songs with full force, I won’t be able to keep motivation high.
Hey, wait!
Who said “This is Fuyu wa machinegun”? Come out!

I don’t have passion or money
No fee, I don’ t care
I’ll sing for you a little
If not, I’ll be fired
If I hold a fishing pole in my hand
And go to sea, everything is ready, okay
I’ll fish a blue-fin tuna.
With all might I raise it up (fish!!)

...Well, as I’ve already paid, to tell you the truth,
I have no trouble even if I’m fired

Lalalalala lalalalala lalala
I’m sure no one saw the song title
And no one notices I’m not doing what it says
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