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DTMってなぁに? What is DTM?


【初音ミク】DTMってなぁに? 【オリジナル曲】

Song Title: DTMってなぁに? What is DTM?
Romaji Title:[DTMtte Naani?]
Music, lyrics and illustrations by 笹桐ゆうや
Singer: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

English subbed

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English Lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

What is DTM?(x4)

I got addicted to Mikku-Miku video
I bought "Hatsune Miku"
But I found the software alone can only make the singing voice

Miku: Did you buy me without knowing that!?

Sustain, Assign, Equalizer
I don’t know what they are (DAW x4)
Reverberation, ASIO, Velocity
I’ll have to hit (keys) to input the data... hitting balls on a baseball ground??

What is DTM?(x2)

Miku: If you are an amateur like this,
Just raise your hand!!

Romaji Lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

DTM tte naani? (x4)

mikkumiku douga ni hamatte
kattemimashita hatsune miku
demo kono sofuto tantai ja
koe shika denai no ne

miku:sonna koto mo shirazu ni katta no!?

sasuthin asain ikoraiza-
wakarimasen (DAWx4)

riba-bu ASIO beroshithi
uchikomi suru nara guraundo??

DTM tte naani? (x2)

miku:sonna doshirouto no hito kyoshu!!

*Desktop Music, which is commonly abbreviated to DTM, is wasei-eigo (a kind of Japanese pseudo-Anglicisms) and what is called "computer music" in English.
It includes music sequencers or singing synthesizer application softwares, such as Vocaloid and UTAUloid, and also sometimes it is used as any music that has been created using computing technology or activities of creating music with computers in Japan.
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