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晴れ晴れノート Sunny Sunny Notebook



Song Title: 晴れ晴れノート Sunny Sunny Notebook
Romaji title:[Hare Hare Note / Hare Hare Nooto]
Music by なきゃむりゃ(Nakimurya)
Lyrics by なきゃむりゃ(Nakimurya), ちょうや(Chouya)
Piano played by k_zero, wato
Illustrations and video by 夜宵(Yayoi)
Mastering by かごめP(Kagome-P)
Singer: 猫村いろは[Iroha Nekomura]

English subbed

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English lyrics translated by Blacksaingrain

I'm running on my way home under the clear sky after the rain
A cat having a catnap is happily in a dream
At a curved path a drowsy wind blows lambently
Jumping out of the boring time

I was just bored with the noise passed by
I wonder why, I have a restless feeling that makes me throbbing
I'll conduct a joyful waltz with this magic crayon as a baton

A Sunny Sunny Notebook, now I'll hold it and set off
I'll draw a blue sky without a cloud
A Sunny Sunny Notebook, now please make it come true
I won't forgive you if you make it rain, okay?

The awaken cat looked into the picture
It yawns and disappears to the backstreets

Just one crayon is enough, right?
I'll stroke lines that jump about and cross to draw tomorrow

Now I'll finish it up. When I hold my hand above my eyes and sing a magic, the waltz will continue

A Sunny Sunny Notebook, the sky I painted all over was cut across by a white contrail
I'll draw the blue sky without a cloud
A Sunny Sunny Notebook, When I close it, I'll start running again
Heading to clear and serene tomorrow

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