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盗人来たりて蝶は舞う A Thief Comes and A Butterfly Dances



Song Title: 盗人来たりて蝶は舞う "A Thief Comes and A Butterfly Dances
Romaji title:[Nusubito Kitarite Chou Wa Mau]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by Dong
Singer:歌愛ユキ[Yuki Kaai],
Chorus: 鏡音リン[Rin Kagamine]

English subbed

English lyrics translated by Blacksaingrain

I escaped into the night, leaving the bedchamber as it was
Because of the dazzle of this mortal world
I’m reminiscent of the moonlit night with my eyes closed
As I sunk in a dream, the lasting coldness in cherry-blossom time made my breath
turn into white smoke and it was gone in the colourful evening gloom

My body is sleepless and my mind is like foreign substance
It’ll be exposed to heat till it disappear without leaving any trace
It melts in a crucible

You hid the moon, leaving the bedchamber as it was
Coldly the sound of the bell rings in the stolen cage

When the dream is ruined
The young thief runs the red-wat way back to where he belongs
As if to run away from foulness

My body is sleepless and my mind is not like as it was
I’m gazing at you and words I want from you melt in a crucible
My body wants to sleep and I’m at a loss
I envy those foolish mortal world and foolish moony world
I melt in a crucible
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