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あなたのいる場所 -Important Place- The Place You Are -Important Place-


【初音ミク MEIKO】あなたのいる場所 / shu-t【double M】
Song title: あなたのいる場所 -Important Place- The Place You Are -Important Place-
Romaji title:[Anata no Iru Basho-Important Place-]
Music and lyrics by shu-tP
Illustrated by 藤代叶(Kanae Fujishiro)
Singers:初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], [MEIKO]

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English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

As I gaze at the big sky spreads in blue
Always your smiling face lightly flows

Whenever I feel lonely, I come here
Cause, you know, you were always smiling

As I’m blown by the wind, I sense your scent
I’m brightly surrounded by grace
I stay lying down here forever
I gaze at white clouds and dream the past

I’m gazing at the letters you sent me
The smiling face I will never touch

Not to be washed away by the river current
I’ll surround the memories of the two

Today I stroll to this place to see you
Picking up small flowers
The sounds of the flowing river and the tweets of birds
I engrave all of them in my heart

A proof that you were here…
I put it in a small box…
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