Vocaloids' English & Romaji Lyrics

修羅ノ庭 Garden Of Berserker

Original (Len version)

【修羅ノ庭 ver.レン【VOCALOIDオリジナル】

Song Title:修羅ノ庭 Garden Of Berserker
Romaji title:[Shura no niwa]
Music and Lyrics by マイナスP(Minus-P)
Illustrations by mg, shyrock
Singer: 鏡音レン [Len Kagamine]
Language: Old Japanese

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English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

An evening story falls like a blossom
He is in ancient Chinese clothes
Ephemeral agarwood covers
A man from the west has come

Delusion up gets burial
Nue, two purgations brilliantly shine, bonz dance

The shadow of bamboo leaves, the gathering clouds and the night of the hazy moon
Fully scarlet vermilion-floating ship goes

Waillament of the sound of a blossom blooms
A look of anicca that a bird tells
For being proud of a dance of the wind
The moon got twisted and to Vermilion Bird

Ah, just pray and wish for
Fate of transience, anicca of an individual
Tonight as it goes with lunisolar May
Staying beside you is a dream and an illusion that won’t come true

Good baby, oh, preemptively making a move on a way at night

Karasu-yasha who smiles contemptuously and says that it’s too boring
Dogs and cats that are at loss for surprise are just as I would expect

Heavenly rain came on a lot
Answering as a dew to other’s questions
You offer Chinese precious wood
Your written works, innocent lies

Ah, the drizzling rain on that day
It incessantly comes down to the eyes
Tonight the moon is deep
The figure even has a scent of feelings

Ah, just pray and wish for
Fleetingly wandering about without defiance definitely at the setting sun
The dream is as attending at night
It’s taken away, it won’t come true, I’m a decoy

Good baby, oh, preemptively making a move on a way at night

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