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眠れる森にて In The Sleeping Forest



Song Title: 眠れる森にて In The Sleeping Forest
Romaji Title:[Nemureru Mori Nite]
Music by オレジナルP(Orejinareru-P)
Lyrics written by オレジナルP(Orejinareru-P), 蒼樹 里緒, フユヲ, 杉春, clock_ticktuck, ゆなぎ, 唯羽
Illustrated by uedayamato, YUMA, 直輝, ぎんた, chihiro219, ねこねこ, あじしお, nayu,
Singers: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], [KAITO]

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English lyrics (translated by blacksaingrain)

Against the noise, the sound of the wind surrounds the two
The wet breath is sweet

I overtake the shadow shines by the cold moon
Without letting go of the fingers that are twined

I surrender myself to the dry view
The two hold their breath and whisper

Getting into the rythm of plant swayed by the night wind
Uninterruptedly the singing voices ring

I even close up the freedom that won't be detested into the eyes
Even if it is a mockery or a fake

We'll doze away without letting go of my hand placed on to yours till the moon sleeps
The sweat breath melts in the wind and waits for the dawn

The love story of the two in the sleeping forest
The secret kiss we shared shows a key
Even if I need to go a long way round, I'll get there
As I touch your sideface, I'll be fallen into the whirl of pleasure

We snuggle wthout letting go of each other's hand we held,
As if to count every minute of the dark night
The breath melted together goes though out of the forest and dissapear at dawn

I cover your lips and sweetly bite your earlobe
The night I feel passions is long and I want to stop the time

The promise of love we made in the sleeping forest
The two sweet flames melt and get together
A love story of the two in the sleeping forest
The door opens with the watmth you gave me
If all the world denies that
I dare go against and I will be be fallen into the whirl of pleasure forever
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