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Song Title:Palette
Romaji title:[Palette (Paretto)]
Music and lyrics by ゆよゆっぺ(Yuyoyuppe), meola
Illustrated by meloa
Singers: 巡音ルカ [Luka Megurine]

Fanmade MMD

【MMD】 palette 【PV】
Video by cort

Fanmade Promotional Video

Video by 三重の人(Mienohito)

English subbed

Click here for the Japanese lyrics

English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

As my voice is as if I were crying,
I'll laugh gently.
What reflects my imaginations is
a colourful pallete.

Please distinguish me.
The colours are overflowing.
Someone, just stop them.
Or they will die out.

Blue that dissolved, "I love you.", is a gentle tear.
To Red that floated, "Thank you.",
a sweet song is given.

I will be "Eraser's mind".
I'll make Ultramarine.
In the memories that went around we've get caught.
Our future takes on the colours.

Black that drew, "I love you." ,is a tender memory.
To White that spilt ,"Thank you.",
a sweet kiss is given.

Romaji lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

Naita you na koe de sa
Shizukani waraunda
Souzou wo utsushita
Irotori no paletto

Please distinguish me
Afuredasu iro wo
Dareka tomete yo kiechau

"Aishiteru" wo tokashita ao wa yasashii namida
"Arigatou" wo ukabeta aka ni yasashii uta wo

I will be "Eraser's mind"

Tsumugidasu gunjou
Mawaru kioku ni
Karamatta bokura no
Mirai ga irozuku

"Aishiteru" wo egaita kuro wa yasashii kioku
"Arigatou" wo koboshita shiro ni yasashii kisu wo

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