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童夢 Child's Dream


【鏡音リン・レン】 童夢 【オリジナル曲】

Song Title:童夢 Child's Dream
Romaji title:[Doumu]
Music and lyrics written and voice edited by すずきP(Suzuki-P)
Illustrated by しうか(Shiuka)
Singer:鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine], 鏡音レン [Len Kagamine]

English subbed

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English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

With the moon an ephemeron contrasts
How beauteous it is

In the wind blossoms of briers dance and sway
Just aimlessly do carry me away

Dear spirit, come over here
I link little fingers to draw you near

Tell me the lovely secrets
On the backyard filled with full Indian lots

The buds are fragrant and swelling
Under the twilight at the break of day in the spring

Without hesitation I will do swift
Take me out of the bottom of the night

I forgot everything and took you in my arms
Our bodies that are made on dreams

Fleetingly fade away with sleep
Now please come into the villagery of dawn

While we were dallying and playing
Gone so quickly was the spring

The dreams moved on and like a dewdrop they would fade away apace
You put a blank look on your face

The lingering glow is purple in the evening sky
In the woods silently I cry

Your name is what I gasp out
Ah, my dear counterpart who wander about

The moon is in the east and the sun is in the west
Day after day we wander about

By deceiving the god’s eye
We steal awhile

We repeat the sin and woo each other
Even the nightmare made on love of ours

Fleetingly fades away with the tempest
Now please come into the garden of twilight

We were crying like a child
Even so the morning steals upon the night

Only the flowers are same as ever
To the dreams’ brink they shall go back

Everything even our spell made on a lie
Was forgiven and accepted by

The claps of rain and the curtain is brought down
Now please come in
Now please come in
Now please come into the villagery of dawn

*As I didn't change what the japanese lyrics mean, the english lyrics do not perfectly rhyme.
*Following the author, I used the words in the original texts of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare. 紅はpurple(紅紫)等、語彙は出来るかぎり「夏の夜の夢」・「テンペスト」の原文から。
*鬼can be also translated as demon or tagger
*We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

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