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Lift Off!


【GUMIオリジナルPV】Lift Off!【フェイP×三重の人×ぶーた×水奈】

Song title: Lift Off!
Romaji title:[Lift Off!(Rift ofu!!)]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by フェイP(Faye-P/Fei-P)
Illustrated by ぶーた(boota), 水奈(mina)
Video produced by 三重の人(Mie no hito)
Mix by Mizuki

English subbed

Click here for the Japanese lyrics

English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

Turning the volume up a little more than usual
Getting scared and upset because of a new beginning that runs over from the headphone
And shutting myself in my world. How's that?

I board a crowded train as usual and can't help but sigh a bit
The closer I get, the more I feel a restless right now, I feel a rush to run away

Hands of a clock that keep on turning around,
The gray sky that clouds keeps on going around
And my mind that becomes unbalanced and shaky
I’ll break them up and set off a water rocket

Lift off!
The arc it drew changes into a rainbow
The sun comes out in the sky that began to change
I feel something would change

If I thread through that arch as fast as I can
I speed up more than usual

And go up a slope without stopping
The breathe gets faster and the heart pounds
I run my imagination like a yarn

I can see the view unlike as usual
Blow up in the wind, pink blossoms
Growing yearning and envy
Like a charm everything has changed

Even the wound that cannot be healed because of falling down and made me cry
And the imposed plan designed by others
I’ll load them all and start counting down
3,2,1 Take away my pain and make it well

Lift off!
I’ll tie my shoelaces and make bowknots again
And run up the stairs taking three at a time
When I kick open the door to the roof terrace
You are there

By the launching pad you stand
You shade your own eyes with my hands and look up in the sky
“What’s your name?” you smile and ask me
I strongly feel that I can change
Blowing away the gloomy pasts


The parabolic curve it drew changes into a rainbow
The sun comes out in the sky that began to change
If we set off a water rocket into the sky
I feel something would change

I’ll change it from now

Click here for the Romaji lyrics (translated by Motokokusanagi2009)

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