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ホワイト☆クリスマス White☆Christmas


【合唱曲】 ホワイト☆クリスマス 【オリジナル】

Song Title:ホワイト☆クリスマス White☆Christmas
Romaji Title:[White☆Christmas] :[Howaito☆Kurisumasu]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by chrolea as ごぼうP(Gobou-P)
Singers;[GUMI](Megpoid), 鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine], 鏡音レン [Len Kagamine], 
初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], 歌愛ユキ[Yuki Kaai], [SF-A2 miki], 巡音ルカ [Luka Megurine],
神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid], 氷山キヨテル [Kiyoteru Hiyama],[KAITO],[MEIKO]

English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

In cold winter it comes along
A joyful festival
An event at the end of a year
It’s a Merry Christmas
The atmosphere of the town has changed and it's more cheerful than usual
Bells in the morning ring on the previous day of Christmas
The streets get in a festive mood
Many people are choosing gifts
A gift from the heavens is the white shining snow
The earth is white with snow
It’s a White Christmas
Green fir trees are sparkling white too
Just once a year
It’s a White Christmas
I'll be with someone I love most

In cold winter it comes along
A joyful celebration
A prayer at the end of a year
It’s a Merry Christmas
At snowy night a lot of neons give
Lights of shining seven colours
Warm lights are lit in houses
And people are burbling with merry laughter
Snowy fir trees will be illuminated with the seven colours too
Stars twinkle in the night sky
It’s a White Christmas
The star-filled sky is a huge planetarium
A White Christmas gives dreams to children
I wonder what the gift of this year would be

The lights of the town on the eve go out
Children will fall asleep...
When the hand of the clock moves by the time midnight rolls around
Santa Claus will come
A sleigh with lovely reindeers brings big dreams
By the children's beds he leaves boxes of dreams
On Christmas Eve when the snow keeps falling
Santa Claus is leaving the town
The jingle of bells fades in the distance
And the radiant morning sun will rise

The town is blanketed by white snow
It’s a White Christmas
The bells of church ring to tell coming of the morning
Just once a year
It’s a White Christmas
Let's enjoy this very day together

Romaji lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Samui fuyu ni yatte kuru yo
Tanoshii o-matsuri
Ichi nen no saigo wo kazaru Merry Christmas
Itsumo to chigau machi no akarui funiki
Eve no asa ni hibiku kane ga naru
Nigiyakani naru machinami
Present ni mayou hito tachi
Sora kara no okurimono wa shiroku hikaru yuki
Chijyou wo shiroku someru White Christmas
Midori no momi no ki mo masshironi somaru
Ichi nen ni ichi do dake no White Christmas
Ichi-ban taisetsu na hito to issho ni sugosou

Samui fuyu ni yatte kuru yo
Tanoshii o-iwai
Ichi nen no saigo inoru Merry Christmas
Yuki ga furu yoru ni takusan no neon ga nanairo ni teraru hikari wo ataeru
Atatakai akari ga more, tanosii koe ga afureru
Masshiro no momi no ki mo nanairo ni hikari dasu
Yozora no hoshi ga kagayaku White Christmas
Ichimen no hoshizora wa ookina planetarium
Kodomo ni yume wo ataeru White Christmas
Kotoshi no present nani wo kureru kana

Yoru no machi kara akari ga kieru
Kodomo tachi wa nemuri ni
Tokei no hari ga zero-ji wo mawaru to
Santa Claus ga yatte kuru
Kawaii tonakai tsureta sori ga ookina yume wo motte kita
Kodomo tachi no makuramoto ni yume no hako wo oite iku
Yuki no yama nai Eve no yoru Santa Claus wa satte iku
Suzu no neiro ga chiisaku natte, kagayaku asahi ga noboru

Mach-jyuu ga shiroku somatta White Christmas
Asa wo shiraseru kyoukai no kane ga naru
Ichi nen ni ichi-do dake no White Christmas
Minnna de kono hi wo seidai ni tanoshimou

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Happy Merry Christmas


【ミクオリジナル】Happy Merry Christmas【うごくよ】

Song Title:Happy Merry Christmas
Romaji Title:[Happy Merry Christmas]
Music, lyrics written by kuibel
Singer: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Though the winter of this year has come and the breath is white and chilled
It’s a season coloured streets make me excited
Don’t say such a sad thing like “There’s no Santa Claus”
Don’t forget the feelings you had in those days when you hanged stockings and dreamed

One and another, the lights of the streets go out
By the time clock's hands are about to stand straight up
If you look up into the sky and listen carefully
You can hear jingles of bells

Opening up and raising the head skyward
I'll play and sing my feelings at holy night
Forever and, yes, no matter where you are, I’ll link happiness
It’s a Happy Merry Christmas today

Silence fell and the lights of the streets went out at 2 o’clock in the morning
You’re in a dream peacefully. Did you find something you have forgotten?

Now, catch a small miracle that gently falls at the street corner
I'll chant magic on you, so make your wish come true

When you look up into the night sky and listen carefully
See, you can hear a song of joy
Surely this is the night a small wish in your heart of hearts will come true

Open up and raise your head skyward
And let’s play and sing our feelings at holy night
Forever and, yes, no matter where you are, I’ll link happiness
It’s a Happy Merry Christmas today

Make your dream come true and let me see your smile
Happiness will shower, Merry Christmas
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泣き虫サンタ A Soppy Santa



Song Title:泣き虫サンタ A Soppy Santa
Romaji Title:[Nakimushi Santa Claus]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by Pianissimo
Singer:鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine]

Click here for the Japanese lyrics

English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

A soppy Santa Claus easily feels lonely
She looked up stars in the sky and thought
"This is the year I’ll bring happiness all over the town"
Red clothes, a triangular hat, a big bag
Having put presents in the bag
She thought of everyone’s delighted face
Then she cheerfully set off
She yelped with delight that she would head for the first star in the evening
And go at it

Once she decided she wouldn’t give up again even if it would be
What she couldn’t do nothing about
No matter she was alone, No matter how heavy her work was
She would bear
But at heart she was very very scared

She was a soppy Santa Claus

The little Santa Claus greatly fell down
She became close to tears and thought
"I always fail everything I try"
She welled up with tears
"It’s all right, don’t cry"
A ray of light was held out
"I was watching that you were trying as much as you can"
"Let’s go and take happiness together"
"However hard it may be, if the two of us do it together, it would be easy"
"If the four of us do it together, see, we can get over any slopes"
"If more people gather and everyone’s power gets together, we can do anything"
"So, stop crying now"
"We all love you"
"A Soppy Santa Claus"
What she wished at the holy night when the snow kept falling was
Once, then and forever, the only one thing
The wish the soppy Santa Claus had been dreaming for a long time came true
"I won’t cry when I fall down next time"
"Because I’m not alone any more"
"I just don’t know what to do. I’m so happy"
"I wonder if I’m putting on a smile"
She was tearful and soppy because she cried with a smile

A Soppy Santa Claus
In a town somewhere far away
Lives a Santa Claus with a smile of happiness
It’s a lovely fairytale
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