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Happy Merry Christmas


【ミクオリジナル】Happy Merry Christmas【うごくよ】

Song Title:Happy Merry Christmas
Romaji Title:[Happy Merry Christmas]
Music, lyrics written by kuibel
Singer: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Though the winter of this year has come and the breath is white and chilled
It’s a season coloured streets make me excited
Don’t say such a sad thing like “There’s no Santa Claus”
Don’t forget the feelings you had in those days when you hanged stockings and dreamed

One and another, the lights of the streets go out
By the time clock's hands are about to stand straight up
If you look up into the sky and listen carefully
You can hear jingles of bells

Opening up and raising the head skyward
I'll play and sing my feelings at holy night
Forever and, yes, no matter where you are, I’ll link happiness
It’s a Happy Merry Christmas today

Silence fell and the lights of the streets went out at 2 o’clock in the morning
You’re in a dream peacefully. Did you find something you have forgotten?

Now, catch a small miracle that gently falls at the street corner
I'll chant magic on you, so make your wish come true

When you look up into the night sky and listen carefully
See, you can hear a song of joy
Surely this is the night a small wish in your heart of hearts will come true

Open up and raise your head skyward
And let’s play and sing our feelings at holy night
Forever and, yes, no matter where you are, I’ll link happiness
It’s a Happy Merry Christmas today

Make your dream come true and let me see your smile
Happiness will shower, Merry Christmas
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泣き虫サンタ A Soppy Santa



Song Title:泣き虫サンタ A Soppy Santa
Romaji Title:[Nakimushi Santa Claus]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by Pianissimo
Singer:鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine]

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English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

A soppy Santa Claus easily feels lonely
She looked up stars in the sky and thought
"This is the year I’ll bring happiness all over the town"
Red clothes, a triangular hat, a big bag
Having put presents in the bag
She thought of everyone’s delighted face
Then she cheerfully set off
She yelped with delight that she would head for the first star in the evening
And go at it

Once she decided she wouldn’t give up again even if it would be
What she couldn’t do nothing about
No matter she was alone, No matter how heavy her work was
She would bear
But at heart she was very very scared

She was a soppy Santa Claus

The little Santa Claus greatly fell down
She became close to tears and thought
"I always fail everything I try"
She welled up with tears
"It’s all right, don’t cry"
A ray of light was held out
"I was watching that you were trying as much as you can"
"Let’s go and take happiness together"
"However hard it may be, if the two of us do it together, it would be easy"
"If the four of us do it together, see, we can get over any slopes"
"If more people gather and everyone’s power gets together, we can do anything"
"So, stop crying now"
"We all love you"
"A Soppy Santa Claus"
What she wished at the holy night when the snow kept falling was
Once, then and forever, the only one thing
The wish the soppy Santa Claus had been dreaming for a long time came true
"I won’t cry when I fall down next time"
"Because I’m not alone any more"
"I just don’t know what to do. I’m so happy"
"I wonder if I’m putting on a smile"
She was tearful and soppy because she cried with a smile

A Soppy Santa Claus
In a town somewhere far away
Lives a Santa Claus with a smile of happiness
It’s a lovely fairytale
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クリスマス童謡メドレー風 Christmas Song Medley



Song Title: クリスマス童謡メドレー風 Christmas Song Medley
Voice edited and music arranged by ピクミンP(Pikumin-P)
Singers; [MEIKO] and [KAITO]

Project Diva

【Project DIVA 2nd】 クリスマス童謡メドレー(年長組)【クリスマスEDIT】
Video by センヌP(Sennu-P)

English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

A hasty Santa Claus came before Christmas
In a hurry, ring, ring, ring
Let bells ring
Ring, ring, ring
"On our way at the dark night your bright nose will be helpful"
Mr. Reindeer that had always cried was delighted to say "Tonight is the night!"
By the time when they couldn't wait and fall asleep
Surely he will come with wonderful presents
Now "Merry Christmas" from you
"Merry Christmas" from me
Santa Claus is coming to town
Jingle Bell
The bells ring
Jingle Bell
The bells ring
It's a Merry Christmas today!
Merry Christmas!

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