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そいやっさぁ!! Soi Yassa!!


【鏡音蓮・鈴】  そいやっさぁ!!  【オリジナル曲】 CD収録】

Song Title: そいやっさぁ!! Soi Yassa!!
Romaji Title:[Soi Yassa!!]
Music and lyrics by 囚人P (SyujinP / Shuujin-P)
Illustrated by uedayamato、フクロウ(Fukurou)
Singers:鏡音蓮[Len Kagamine], 鏡音鈴[Rin Kagamine] edited by Shuujin-P

English and Romaji subbed

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English (Romaji) Lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

(Soi Yassa!!)
(Sa! Sa! Sore Sore Sore Sore!)
(Soi Yassa!!)
(Sa! Sa! Sore Sore Sore Sore!)

Now, now begins a swashbuckler, Of course the hero is me
(Sa sa hazimaru daikatugeki, Shuyaku wa mochiron ore-sama sa)

Anything and everything should get out of our way, Don't gape at my back!
(Issai gassai yassai mossai, Ore no se ni mitoLEN na)
Even you believe that you are looking down on us from far above
(HaLUKA ue kara oretachi wo MIKUdashiteru tsumori no antara mo)
Anything and everything should get out of our way. You're hung up on us.
Isn't that right Rin?
(Issai gassai yassai mossai, Orera ni muchuuda, na, Rin?)

What shines the transit and unpromising world is the light of our prestige
(Saki no mienai ukiyo wo terasu wa ataira no goikou)
We're our own lords throughout heaven and earth
(Yuigadokuson Tenjoutenge)
You may follow us
(Ataira no ushiro wo tooRIN se)

(So-re sore sore So-ra Hoisassa Sore yo! Ha!)
What? Love?
(Ai nante)
(So-re sore sore So-ra Hoisassa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa!)
None of your prudence!

Fly away faster than the wind
(Kaze yori hayaku tobi sare)
Like a hawk higher than the bird
(Tori yori takaku)
Before our hearts stop beating
(Kono mune no kodou ga owaru mae ni)
If it's the doom our fingers pointed at
(Kono te no saki ni shimeshita unmei naraba)
Surely we're gonna change it
(Kitto kaeru sa)

(Sora sora yossassa no Sora sora dokkoi se!)
(Arayottosa Sorayottosa!)
(Serasatoyassa! Terasatoyassassa!)
(Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta!)
(So-re sore sore So-ra Hoisassa Soreyo! Ha!)

For us
(Ataira ni wa)

(So-re sore sore So-ra Hoisassa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa!)

No one can be matched, right?
(Kanawanee ze?)

Pass it down by singing longer than the eternal story
(Towa yori nagaku kataritsuge)
More honestly than benevolence of humanity
(Hito yori atsuku)
Not the trace of the way to disappear
(Kono michi no wadachi ga kienu tame ni)

We stand back to back, since two of us have a special relationship
(Sono se no naka de tsunagaru futari naraba)
Surely we can make it
(Kitto yareru sa)

Once more!
(Mou iccho!)
Fly away faster than the wind
(Kaze yori hayaku tobi sare)
Like a hawk higher than the bird
(Tori yori takaku)
Before our hearts stop beating
(Kono mune no kodou ga owaru mae ni)

(So-re sore sore! So-re sore sore! So-re sore sore! So-re sore sore!)
(Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Soi Yassassassassassa!!)

*In some parts Shuujin-P is using kanji in an unusual way to make the lyrics like kakekotoba http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakekotoba

The shouts, such as "Soi Yassa", "Sora", "Hoisa" are often heard in Japanese festivals. They warm up the moods of the festival musics, dances or shrine rituals. Their original meanings were gone long time ago and there's no exact english words for them, but they are sometimes used like "Now!", "C'mon!", "Here!"


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Platinum Romance プラチナロマンス



Song Title: Platinum Romance プラチナロマンス
Romaji Title:[Purachina Romansu]
Music & lyrics written by Re:nG
Illustrated by 他ヒャ
Singers: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], [SF-A2 miki], 歌愛ユキ[Yuki Kaai]

English subbed

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English Lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Let's sing along merrily
The swing is important
The swinging tempo gets faster
Maybe because you're running with your style
It's so easy to become an adult
So let me see an endless dream more, not a drama
Oh, let me dream
My heart is pounding
Just fill it at once!
I'm wistful
So I might get pouty a bit

If you want happiness
It's near-at-hand unexpectedly
I found it! A newly released
Tiramisu roll cake! (Last!)
You're always looking into the far distance
But please also look at me, I pray next to you
When I walk with standing on tiptoe, I fall down
In your arms
Vanilla ice cream melts
Just like that
My heart is almost melting
Just win it at once!
I can't stand
So can I give you a vicious pinch?
"...I'll be always happy ...as long as you're with me..."
An enchanting surprise
Just like that
Oh, please say it XD

A prince on a white horse
I don't believe in his appearance
Cause you're the only one I need
A royal escort
Sometimes you're unreliable
Of course I know that
But I count on you
For a happy end with smiles

English and Romaji lyrics translated by t12111
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愚足武者 Fool Foot Samurai

Original (Kaito and Gakupo version)

オリジナル曲「愚足武者」 KAITO・がくっぽいど

Original (Kaito version)

オリジナル曲「愚足武者」 KAITO

Original (Gakupo version)

オリジナル曲「愚足武者」 がくっぽいど

Song Title: 愚足武者 Fool Foot Samurai
Romaji Title:[Gusokumusha]
Music and lyrics by わんだらP(Wandara-P)
Illustrated by うむ(Umu)
Singers: 神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid], [KAITO]


わかりやすい「愚足武者」 ピコピコアレンジ
Arranged by わんだらP(Wandara-P)

Cover by Meiko

Voice edited by 奈都魅 P(Natsumi-P)

Cover by Len

【鏡音レン】 愚足武者 【カバー】
Voice edited by faura
Singer:鏡音レン [Len Kagamine]

Cover by Yuuma

Voice edited by nobody
Illustrated by 吼狼
Singer:VY2 勇馬 [Yuuma / Yuma]

Fanmade Promotional video

Video by 零崎P(Reizaki-P)

Fanmade Mix

Singers:神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid], [KAITO], [MEIKO]
Mix by あめ(Ame)

English subbed

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English Lyrics translated by blacksaingrain
*Thanks to Lygerzero0zero for proofreading

No matter how many walls of impregnable questions stand in the way
Without regard to appearances and thinking of the consequences
I’ll crash into them head on
"The answer is there is none," is your resignation of victory in retreat
Hack that with the hot blade stricken and forged by the past of grief
Don’t hesitate to make an attack so you won't regret it
Don’t look back, Just look straight forward
Recklessness isn’t a good reason to stop
Reveal your weakness that you’re fully aware of
Just run, a complete and absolute fool!

I won’t live by worldly wisdom even if I burnout someday
Cause the worth of devoting all my energy is irreplaceable
"I can't lose if I don't fight," is your peace-feigning weakness
Beat it in with your firm fist holding the resolve you cannot give in
Don't fear being shattered in honorable defeat.
What would be shattered is the silly pride restricting yourself

If you’re just thinking about how not to die
You could live as good as dead
Just fight on, most undefeatable fool under the sun!

I've always been covered with cuts and bruises. Even if I’m beaten up
I’ll stand up over and over again and go ahead
Looking scornfully at those deriding sideliners
Changing dishonorable titles to medals
Just be the mightiest fool in the world!
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