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少しずつの祈り Small Pieces of Prayers



Song Title: 少しずつの祈り Small Pieces of Prayers
Romaji title:[Sukoshizutsu no Inori]
Music and Lyrics by 島下博文(бεб)
Illustrated by himi
Singer: [SONIKA]
Language: Japanese

English subbed

English lyrics translated by Blacksaingrain

Still sorrows remain
You feel them endlessly
That's because you want to go ahead without giving up despite it
I want to gather small pieces of prayers and tell everything I feel
Even if the road you go ahead seems to continue endlessly, you can reach someday

Faint lights are gone
When you close your eyes, the shadows still remain inside
There are so many things that you cannot take back
But you're still there

I want to gather small pieces of prayers and fill the endless sky all over
Let me see your shining smile so I can forget tears and sorrows

When you feel pain and sorrows and almost gave up
Just remember that we are praying for you

They're small pieces of prayers but the feelings we put into them are sincere

We lost so many things that we cannot count them up all
But let's start walking powerfully

I want to gather small pieces of prayers and shine your way you go ahead
If you can go forward even little by little, you can reach someday

*The author wrote the song because of the disaster occurred in Japan on March 11th, 2011

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