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【Lily・VY1】 Tears 【オリジナル】

Song Title: Tears
Romaji Title:[Tears(Thiiaazu)]
Music and lyrics written by くろずみP (Kurozumi-P)
Illustrated by 蝶夜(Chouya)
Singers;[VY1 MIZKI], [Lily]

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English lyrics (translated by blacksaingrain)

I do nothing but just stare at the tears dropped out
I didn’t know anything about your pains and sorrows
You rest with full of wounds
I feel loneliness as you just won’t come back
Please engrave to my mind

You’ve carried countless wounds
You’ve lived with them, right?
I want to reach my hand for you

I linked the voice I yearned
And I hit you with my asserting voice I spitted out

I believed that was the right answer
I’ve kept on hurting you

What can I do by now?
Where does the voice that cannot reach you go?

You lay your body at rest and I’ve cried all night
We can never understand each other by now
I could do nothing
Leaving behind the understandings that were too late and the regret that I cannot go back
Please engrave to my mind

I’ll live the rest of my life with countless wounds, right?
When I started to think

What I wanted is a life of egotism
I wanted to be understood and kept on denying

I kept on hurting you for my purpose, not for you

Even a story in a fairy tales did nothing in the reality

I just stared at the present time that collapsed
You’re in happiness and I’m in despair
I’ll carry the wounds you carried, Good-bye
Please engrave to my mind

As I could know how you’ve been feeling
Can I touch your hand at rest?

You’re in the world of nothingness and I’m in the world of being
Be as you are, since we can never get together now
You will never awaken again even after a kiss

I do nothing but just stare at the tears dropped out
You can leave your pains and sorrows here
The farewell tears are the last “Good-bye” for you who are at rest
Please engrave to my mind

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