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3姉妹恋戦争 Three Sisters’ Love War


【ミク・リン・メイコ】 3姉妹恋戦争 【オリジナル】

Song Title: 3姉妹恋戦争 Three Sisters’ Love War
Romaji title:[San shimai koi sensou]
Voice edits, music and lyrics written by ミラーP(Mirror-P)
Illustrated by 雪野ぐみ(Gumi Yukino)
Singers: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], 鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine], [MEIKO]

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English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

I’m the second-oldest sister, Miku Hatsune, Nice to meet you
I’m everyone’s idol, the top favorite♪

I’m the youngest Rin Kagamine☆
I won't lose to you, onee-chan!

I wanna fall in love
A beautiful romance
Sure there’s my princess

We always fall in love with the same person
It seems we have the same tastes

I won't lose to the other two!
See just me! Hey!
Look this way!

I’m MEIKO the eldest, you all
If it comes to mature charms, I’ll win
A bit long in the tooth?
Don’t quarrel
Love is war! Everyone is enemy!
Once I fall in love, I cannot stop these feelings
Cause I love you more than anyone
Who are you going to choose? Just say it!
Of course you’re going to choose me, right?

I’m in love
A beautiful romance
My price is, yes, you there!

In the end we all got dumped…
But I ‘m not discouraged!

Three sisters of Affairs,
Our war is far from over, I won’t lose!

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