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サカサマ姫 Princess of Inverse



Song Title:サカサマ姫 Princess of Inverse
Romaji title:[Sakasama hime]
Music and lyrics by さささP(Sasasa-P)
Language: English, Japanese
Singers:初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], 鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine], 鏡音レン [Len Kagamine],

English subbed

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English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

(Once upon a time there were a young king and queen.)
(They hoped their unborn princess to be a beauty,)
(So she was cast a spell on before her life began.)
(Then twenty years had passed...)

There is a large mirror in a small chamber of the castle
Who reflected in the mirror is a beautiful princess
Poets sing her praises and dedicate their songs
However her reply is a big drop of tears

The complexion of pearl, the hair of gold, the pupils of lake
The voice coming out from the rosy lips is like a bell
What a beauty!
“How ugly I am!”

The princess weeps away
"My actual shape is not like this "
By and by the king who married the princess would keep away from her

The complexion of pearl, the hair of gold, the pupils of lake
The voice coming out from the rosy lips is like a bell
However her heart is flooded

I am a princess of inverse
I was born with putting a mask on
How much people would admire me
That would be just fetters for me

(Time passed and passed with full of tears.)
(The beauty was nothing but a pain for the princess.)
(Cry and cry, she wringed in despair.)
(Her tragic voice rang out all over the kingdom.)

A witch who is bent double
For she couldn't stand by and watch any longer, she came to see the princess
I will break the curse that bound you before your life began
I will undo the chain tethering you

With the smell of the medicine and the smokes of the magic
The secret spells are chanted in the low voice
As soon as the wound is swung, the shape of the princess switches over

The complexion of deadwood, the hair of dullness, the pupils of turbidness
The voice coming out from the dry lips was the only thing that was not changed
What an ugly princess!
“How beautiful I am!”

I'm a princess of inverse
The mask which was put on me was a phony
Even if how much people may abuse

This is my actual shape
At last I could turn back to my actual shape

A princess of happiness
Though her figure changed ugly
The smiling face she showed for the first time
Arrowed through the king's heart

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