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Song Title: Starry☆Rocket
Romaji title[Starry Rocket]
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by イトカワP(Itokawa-P)
Illustrated by 紅雪
Singers: [GUMI](Megpoid), 鏡音リン[Rin Kagamine]

English subbed

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English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

“Let’s set off fireworks, though that’s out-of-season”
There was a phone call from my friends
My cheeks twitch because of the cold air
Though stars that usually are far-away get closer to me and shine a little
I cannot reach them even if I reach my hand
It’s just like you who are in front of me…

In the cold night sky a red day shines
Setting off a skyrocket at full blast that carries my heart to you who are far-away
I wonder if that will make you notice that I’m here

I wonder what are the odds that a star meets another star next to
I wonder why, but I feel sharing our feelings would be a bit lower than that
I don’t wanna believe a fate or something
Hey, let it reach just for once!

Even if I set off such beautiful fireworks
That won’t mean anything as long as you don’t turn this way
As I ignited the fuse with my chilled hands
Can you hear my voice calling your name…?

Every time someone sheds tears, a star is born in the night sky
Every time someone laughs, a star glitters in the night sky

In the cold night sky a red ray shines
I’ll set off a skyrocket that carries my heart to you forever
Till you notice that I’m here…

Now I can say “I love you”
A skyrocket hit the back
You pick it up and after keeping silence for a while
You bashfully laugh and slowly open your mouth…


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