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【巡音ルカ・GUMI・miki・Lily・MIZKI】 Be★Happy! 【オリジナル】

Song Title:Be★Happy!
Romaji title:[Be★Happy!]
Music, lyrics written by KOOSAN/四重婚P(Shijuukon-P)
Voice edited by Shijuukon-P
Illustrated by ピク(Piku)
Singers:巡音ルカ[Luka Megurine], [GUMI], [SF-A2 miki], [Lily], [VY1 MIZKI]

English subbed

English lyrics (translated by Blacksaingrain)

Be ☆ happy happy happy♪ & Good Luck
“Close your eyes and extend your hand” I hand you a piece of memories
As I think the whole of them would be too much to take with
What you’ve been carrying till today were important to you by yesterday
It’s okay to leave them here for the days that starts from tomorrow
Don’t show your farewell tears, even if you need to act tough
Though the universe is too spacious
We can be on the same planet and live the same time
We won’t feel lonely, right?
Be ☆ Happy! You’re leaving here
I hope you can make your wishes come true
I wish! I wave my hand to your back,
As you’re going ahead toward a new day that comes one after another
Be ☆ happy happy happy♪ & Good Luck
Be ☆ happy happy happy♪ & Good Luck

You pictured the day after and packed a bag yesterday
I slip a piece of note I wrote now into it
Even if your dream is not like the one you dreamed in childhood
As long as you have the destination you can believe
Have no fear to step forward
What you told me is ringing in my heart☆
Be ☆ Happy! At the place far away from here
I don’t know what future you will get though
No worries! No matter how much it changes
I believe you who face tomorrow
Be ☆ Happy! You’ll step forward now
I’ll cast a magic that surely makes you happy
I wish! I hope you can be strong to believe and go ahead forever
Be ☆ happy happy happy♪
Be ☆ happy happy happy♪ & Good Luck

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