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ハナイチモンメ (Hana Ichi Monme)


【VY1-MIZKI】 ハナイチモンメ 【オリジナル】
Music Title: ハナイチモンメ
Romaji title:[Hana Ichi Monme]
Singer: [VY1 MIZKI]
Music & Lyrics written, voice edited by くろずみP(Kurozumi-P)
Illustlated by 蝶夜

Japanese lyrics

English lyrics by Blacksaingrain

At the moonlit night, in the bewildering settlement
The call of oni can be heard in the wind
It's "Hana ichi monme" risking one's life
To go against the doom

An infant child was lead by his/her mother without knowing
And the human sacrifice cried in front of oni
That's what a storyteller recites

"I want that kid"
"We don't understand which child you mean"
"I want this kid"
"No, not my child..."

The custom of the settlement is repeated
His/Her mother who faltered laments
She did it just because of an attempt to save herself from destruction
Her child is at the place where oni live and never comes back
When it died down the child groaned
The last voice called his/her mother

She sacrificed the life and stays alive
What she recalls is the day she spend with her child
At the night she is smitten by remorse
She sees an illusion of her child's smile

What is your life for?
Who gave you the voice?
As the time passes
How many children should we sacrifice?

A sin and a punishment
I put them together and go with her feelings

On the day in lunisolar April, the fallacy was dispelled
And it was gone in the hell fire
I'm doing this for the child, as a funeral that is too late
Even till the day I die

I rip the painful day that repeats and show it's an act of insanity
What I'll break are errors that have been repeated
I just decapitate oni who gloat...
In the days till the end of the world... Ah...

*This song is based on a Japanese traditional children's game, Hana Ichi Monme
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HAKUMEI (Twilight / Die Young)


【VY1オリジナル】HAKUMEI fullver.【日本鬼子イメージソング】

Music title:HAKUMEI (Twilight / Die Young)
Romaji title;[HAKUMEI]
Music, Lyrics written by 鬼ヶ島(Onigashima)
Singer;[VY1 MIZKI]
Voice edited by Onigashima

Cover by Iroha and Gakupo

【猫村いろは・神威がくぽ】 HAKUMEI 【カバー曲】
Voice edited by 愛音
Singers:猫村いろは[Iroha Nekomura], 神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid]

Cover by Len

Voice edited by あくえす。(Akuesu.)
Illustrated by 火弥
Singer:鏡音レン [Len Kagamine]

Cover by VY2 and Gakupo

Voice edited by karaku
Singers: 神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid], VY2 勇馬 [Yuuma / Yuma]

Cover by Iroha

Voice edited by ぱらぱらミクP(Paraparamiku-P)
Singer:猫村いろは[Iroha Nekomura]

Cover by Rin

[鏡音リン]HAKUMEI fullver[カバー]
Voice edited by カシオレP(Kashiore-P)
Singer:鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine]

Cover by VY2

HAKUMEI full. [VY2/勇馬カバーver]
Voice edited by 黄昏クマ
Singer:VY2 勇馬 [Yuuma / Yuma]

Japanese lyrics written (by Onigashima)

言葉が痛くて 頬を伝う止まない雨
信じられない こんなにも蒼い空の下で  
"人" とは 違う "鬼" として生まれた意味を


満天の星の瞬きさえ 目覚めの光に霞む
今はまだ暗闇に囚われても きっと照らす 朝が来るの

自分の為じゃなくて 祓う為に
今を生きる人々達の 心に棲みつく鬼達を

舞い散る華が 愛おしくて
忘れられず 探してる

薄明の光の眩しさで 誰よりも白く照らす
暗雲の隙間に浮かぶ幻 いつか暴く その姿

満開の華の営みさえ 俯く間に散った
明日もまた苦しみ喘いで生きる 報われると信じながら

満天の星の瞬きさえ 目覚めの光に霞む
今はまだ暗闇に囚われても きっと照らす 朝が来るの

English translation (by Blacksaingrain)

The words are too painful and the rain that keeps on falling rolls down my cheeks
I can’t believe
Under the sky that is so azure 
“I DoN’t KnOw” 

The meaning of my birth as “oni” that is different from “human”
Where can I find the answer?
The question echoed in vain

They talk “let’s go home as crows are cawing” and go back to the place where they love
As I envy to see them doing that way
I’m looking for the place to go back

Even the twinkles of stars of wonderful starry sky go dim in the light of awakening
Still I’m held captive by the darkness, but surely the morning that shines will come

"I’ll Be StRonG”
Not for myself but to lustrate
"oni” that possess in the minds of people living now

A sentiment has gone through times that ticked and flowed
As I loved blossoms that fell and danced in the wind so much
I could not forget and I seek for them

With the dazzling light of twilight the illusion appears between the dark clouds shines whitely more than any other things
I’ ll reveal the figure someday

Even lives of the full-bloomed fell in a while I lowered my eyes
Again I’ll suffer, gasp and live tomorrow, believing I’ll be rewarded

Even the twinkles of stars of wonderful starry sky go dim in the light of awakening
Still I’m held captive by the darkness, but surely the morning that shines will come

*Hakumei can be 薄命(die young) and also 薄明(twilight)
*The author say 拭う should be 伝う

Click herer for the Romaji lyrics
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