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飲み会は続くよどこまでも Drinking Party Continues Forever



Song Title:飲み会は続くよどこまでも Drinking Party Continues Forever
Romaji Title:[Nomikai wa Tsuzuku yo]
Original Song: I've Been Working on the Railroad
Music, lyrics arrangment and voice edition by 酔いどれP(Yoidore-P)
Illustrations by まくら(Makura)
Singers; [MEIKO], 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune] as 弱音ハク[Haku Yowane]

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain:

A drinking party continues forever
The second bar, the third bar and it’s already passed midnight
We bring our joyful dream of drinking sake to your room

Meiko sleeps wherever she likes
And she makes loud snoring sound
I happen to meet his eyes
And I wonder why I’m alone with him

*This is a parody of "I've Been Working on the Railroad"

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