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My replies to the questions I received on several occasions on my youtube channel.
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Q1. What are vocaloids? Where can I get them?

A1. Vocaloid is singing application software by Yamaha.
You can synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors/singers. There're 3 kinds of vocaloid software; Vocaloid, Vocaloid2 and Vocaloid3. Utauloids are based on freeware UTAU, while all the Vocaloids are commercial products. You can buy Japanese vocaloids on their official pages, on Amazon or some other places.

Q2. What are the connections between vocaloids? Are they siblings?

A2. There're no official settings that Japanese vocaloids are siblings or lovers. Also most of the Japanese vocaloids' personalities aren't officially defined.

For example, the concept of Len Kagamine that his creator Crypton announced when they released Rin&Len was Rin's mirror image of the opposite sex. Not her twin brother or her lover.

Crypton chose the concept to encourage each user's free and creative activities. After seeing fans created and enjoyed various fanmade settings, in a magazine interview Crypton said they didn't want to fix the concepts, hoped that vocaloids would be fleshed out by fans and that would meet their ideal.

Each song / vid that depicts their relations or personalities is based on various different fanons and each user can have his free interpretation when he creates works. Also there're some vocaloid comics, such as "Hikoushiki (Unofficial) Hatsune Mix" by KEI who was asked to illustrate Miku, Rin and Len by Crypton, but those comics aren't official either. http://p.tl/I2wi There're many English articles about vocaloids, but they (including wiki) aren't always reliable enough as they're often just based on fanons or mistranslated / misleading information.

Q3. Using "ti", "tu", "hu" or "si" for romaji is wrong. It should be "chi", "tsu", "fu", "shi".

A3. Such as "ti", "tu" or "si" is Kunrei-siki romaji and "chi", "tsu" or "shi" is Hepburn romaji.Kunrei-siki is formal and taught at school in Japan, but Hepburn is also often used as well. Kunrei-siki follows the rules of hiragana better, but I came to use Hepburn for people who are not so used to Japanese. Actually either will do. Just like the difference between spelling "color" and "colour".

Romaji in my actual use

Q4. Gackpo is wrong, he's Gakupo

A4. The formal software name is Gackpoid, and Gackt who offered his voice to it also named its character "Gackpo Camui" following his stage name "Gackt Camui(Gakuto Kamui)". Romanizing Gackpo Camui is Gakupo Kamui. Either one will be fine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gackt

Q5. I can't see English subs

A5. I often use annotations. Turn on the annotation button and reload the page. They don't appear in non-Flash players such as the iPhone/iPod-Touch/iPad players. Or, something is wrong with Youtube's system. If you can't see, you can find some of them here. http://p.tl/0zMa

Q6. How many vocaloid are there?

A6. The lastest official list of the released vocaloids is here.

Q7. Who's the 1st vocaloid?

A7. The 1st vocaloids are Leon and Lola; also the 1st English vocaloids. The 1st Japanese vocaloid is Meiko; also the 1st Japanese female vocaloid. Kaito is the 1st Japanese male vocaloid. The 1st Vocaloid2 is SweetAnn; also the 1st English Vocaloid2. Miku is the 1st Japanese Vocaloid2 and the 7th vocaloid. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/VOCALOID

Q8. Do they have numbers?

A8. Crypton's Vocaloid2s in Character Vocal series have numbers. Miku is 01, Rin & Len are 02, Luka is 03. MEIKO & KAITO aren't Vocaloid2 and don't have numbers officially

SF-A2 miki is the 1st vocaloid in Artist Edition series by AH-Software and has number 01

VY1 & VY2 by Yamaha/ bplats have numbers

Q9. Are Neru Akita, Haku Yowane or Sakine Meiko official vocaloids? Are they Utau?

A9. No, they are fanmade characters derivated from vocaloid and they are not Utauloids. They don't have own official released voicebanks. Crypton just admitted them as fanmade derivative characters based on official vocaloids and they should be treated as quasi-official characters in their usage, however, that doesn't directly mean they are official characters / vocaloids.

For example, Meiko Sakine is 16 but she's a fanmade character based on MEIKO. "Meiko Sakine" was approved by Crypton to be used commercially, however, her settings are not for original MEIKO. Please go and see what Meiko Sakine's author says on his page.

Neru Akita is a fanmade character based on Miku Hatsune.
Her voicebank is not officially fixed, some creators use Miku's voice and some use Rin's voice.


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