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メリメリ☆クリスマス Merry Merry Christmas


【鏡音リン・レン】 メリメリ☆クリスマス 【オリジナル曲&トーク】

Song Title:メリメリ☆クリスマス Merry Merry Christmas
Romaji Title:[Meri Meri Christmas]
Music and illustrations by ぱるなす(Parunasu)
Lyrics by ゆきひと(Yukihito)
Voice edited by Parunasu and Yukihito
Singers:鏡音リン [Rin Kagamine], 鏡音レン [Len Kagamine], 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], リュウト[Ryuuto/Gachapoid], [GUMI](Megpoid), 巡音ルカ [Luka Megurine], 氷山キヨテル [Kiyoteru Hiyama], 歌愛ユキ[Yuki Kaai], [SF-A2 miki], [Lily], 神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid], [KAITO], [MEIKO]

English subbed

English translation by blacksaingrain
*Thanks to cqallenwalker for proofreading

Rin: Len, have you finished decorating it?
Len: Just a little more to do, putting this on and...yes, finished~
Len: Rin, how about you? Are the dishes ready?
Rin: I'm boiling it right now. Ah, don't steal it!
Len: You stingy
Rin: Come on, don't be haste on the long-awaited holiday
Len: Yeah, okay
Rin: I hope it snows
Len: Yeah, well then
Len & Rin: Merry Christmas!

Len & Rin: Cheers!
Rin: It has been a long time since the last time I get alone with you, right?
Len: Yeah, I wonder if Santa Claus will come

I get alone with you and "Merry Merry Christmas"
We make dinner and have a joyful party
I wonder if the gift from the sky would fall
I get alone with you and "Merry Merry Christmas"
We bring a cake and have a joyful party
I'm sure it'll snow and it'll be a white Christmas

Miku: Merry Christmas! I bought a chicken for you
Len & Rin: Gee! Miku-nee (in a whispering voice)
Len: W-what's up?
Miku: Listen! He screwed around again
Miku: He babbled something like a new one is nice or a young one is good
Miku: I've already even made myself more powerful...
Len: Miku-nee, it's a Christmas today, so let's have a nice big dinner
Miku: Right, it's Christmas today so let's cheer this bloody place up!
Rin: Oh, do you really mean it?
Len: Come on, it can't be helped. We can't say go home to her
Rin: We just wanted to get alone with each other, didn't we?
Miku: What are you talking about?

One more person joined and "Merry Merry Christmas"
We eat dinner and have a joyful party
I hope that Santa Claus in red clothes will come soon

Ryuuto: Merry Christmas
Len: Who are you!?
Rin: There can't be a Green Santa Claus like you
Luka & Gumi: Hi♪ Merry Christmas
Len: Umm, oh my
Kiyoteru: Are you studying hard?
Len: Don't come today...
Yuki: We're here, too~
Miku: Merry Christmas, now come on, Lily
Len: I-I came here for you
Rin: Oh, long time!

Everyone eat and drink joyfully
Kiyoteru: You're really green. Are you a relative of Miku-san?
We don't know what to do now
Miku: I won't give you negi! * munch ing*
At heart, I wanna get alone with you
Yuki: I wonder what's inside
Ryuuto: Nothing is inside me, Gachapo is just Gachapo
But, yeah, it's okay for now
Gumi: Ah, the teacher is drinking
Everyone sing and dance joyfully
Len: Oh yeah♪
Why don't we enjoy it together?
Miku: Hey? The dish is already...Lily, where are you going?
Outside the window it began to snow
Len: I'll serve this
Gumi: Ah, I'll help you
Merry Christmas
Miku: Me too

Gakupo & Kaito: Merry Chri...
Len: Just go back where you belong!
Kaito: Don't say a thing like that
Gakupo: We came all the way with the reindeer costumes
Kaito: Yeah, also we brought you a present
Len & Rin: A present??
Meiko: Here! Merry Christmas!
Rin: Yay^^
Len & Rin: Meiko-nee thank you!
Kaito: (...What about us?)

Len: Now, come in, come in

Kiyoteru: Hey, everyone is here
Gakupo: Oh, Kiyoteru-dono, he's drinking

Gumi: The dinner is ready
Meiko: Oh, the snow...?
Outside the window it's snowing
Ryuuto: Jingle Bells♪ Jingle Bells♪ Oh, what a fun.
And there is snow as far as the eye can see
Everyone goes back in a hurry to the place where people wait for him are
Ryuuto: We'll have a joyful party tonight! Hey♪
Beyond the moon shining in the sky
Ryuuto: Jingle Bells♪ Jingle Bells♪ Oh, what a fun
I felt I heard the sound of bells
You who are next to is the most wonderful present for me

YUki:Oh, it's sparkling white
Meiko: The snow is piled up
Kiyoteru: Let's have a snowball fight, yay!
Len: Hey, wait, Kiyoteru-san
Gu:Lily-san, it would be cold with a dress like that
Yuki: What's the matter with Sensei?

Gakupo & Kaito: Let's have a snowball fight!
Ryuuto: Yes, let's!
Gumi: Yeah^^
Meiko: They're kids~
LuKaito: Ha-ha, but it seems fun. Why don't we go together with them?
Meiko: My blazing fastballs are great^^
Meiko: There!

Len: Everyone!
Rin: Wait!
Len: ... I can get alone with you at last
Rin: Yeah...

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