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ホワイトサンタ White Santa Claus


ミクの「ホワイトサンタ」 feat. ボーカロイドファミリー

Song Title:ホワイトサンタ White Santa Claus
Romaji Title:[White Santa]:[Howaito Santa]
Music written by ゑのすけP(Enosuke-P)
Lyrics by こゆき(Koyuki) and Enosuke-P
Singers:初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], [MEIKO], [KAITO]

English subbed

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Today we'll put up Christmas decorations
Where does Santa Claus come from?
Over the sky he'll come with presents on a reindeer sleigh
Won't the roof break?
Mama smiles
His sleigh is very light
My dear big Bear in a toy store is what I like best
I always ask Papa and Mama to buy him
But they wouldn't say "Okay"
More I want to talk with my dear Bear
Papa smiles
Ask Santa Claus, and he'll make your wish come true

This is the Christmas Eve I've been waiting for
I have dinner and cake with my family
It's bedtime for a good girl
Santa Claus will come for good boys and girls
Oh, no! There's no chimney on the roof!

Mama smiles
He'll bring presents through the window
By the window I quietly and secretly waited for him
But I found myself... hey? I'm in bed?
In my pajamas I jumped out of the bed to see the tree
There was my dear Bear with a red ribbon!
Santa Claus made my wish come true!
Papa grins gleefully
Great, dear Bear came here for you

When he brought my dear Bear to me
I was a naughty girl that tried to wake up secretly
But he carried me to my bed
So I'll write a letter to kind Santa Claus
Thank you, I'm sorry
Papa and Mama smile
Good girl, he'll come again for you
Together we have a honobono white Christmas

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