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初音ミクの激唱 Intence Singing Of Hatsune Miku

Song Title:初音ミクの激唱 Intence Singing Of Hatsune Miku
Romaji Title:[Hatsune Miku no Gekishou]
Music by cosMo / Bousou-P
Lyrics by GAiA
Originally sung by 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

Cover by SeeU

【SeeU】初音ミクの激唱 【カバー】
Voice edited by 1.61803398874989
Illustrated by KKUEM

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Hot winter

Song Title:Hot winter
Romaji Title:[Hot winter]
Music and lyrics by ネクストP(Next-P) / ekusie1

Original (SeeU version)

【シユ オリジナル曲】 Hot winter  【vocaloid SeeU】
Illustration by ゆなれ(Yunare)

Original (Miku version)

【初音ミク】 Hot Winter 【オリジナル曲】
Illustration by さく、防人、藤乃色、りぜる、子るう、もころび
Singer:初音ミク [Miku Hatsune]

English subbed

English translation by blacksaingrain

I lose my breath as I ran to the place I promised to meet
And I reached there five minutes before the time

I found you hiding yourself and pretended to look for you
I put on another muffler and looked myself in a mirror
I also secretly put on other gloves and you got angry

Always it's evening before I notice
The more I'm away from you, the more I wanna see you
The moment you are with me is a treasure of mine
As I'll take it out again someday
I put a tag on and store it away

You gaze at me without being embarrassed like you used be
When I'm thinking of you, even if I'm alone,
It makes me warm

The pastry shop I wanted to come
I couldn't choose just one
I got greedy and ate too much
Let me have a break a little more
I saw a black cat yawn by the roadside and that made me throbbing
I got closer to it little by little, but it ran away when I came in front of it
Though usually I don't care about something like that
When I'm just by your side, I feel it's fun

The space I'm in with you is a treasure of mine
As I don't know what lies ahead
Let's spread the world of the two

The left hand that held your hand is a treasure of mine
As I can't tell you how I'm feeling now
I strongly held your hand back
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