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ダンシング☆サムライ Dancing☆Samurai

Song Title: ダンシング☆サムライ Dancing☆Samurai
Romaji title:[Dancing Samurai / Danshingu Samurai]
Music, lyrics, voice edition by カニミソP(Kanimiso-P)
Originally sung by 神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid]

Fanmade Arrangement and Cover by Big-Al

【BIG-AL】DANCING☆SAMURAI ~ branch "Ham Handed Traveler"【神威がくぽ】
Music and lyrics arranged by ぶっちぎりP(Bucchigiri-P)
Voice edited by Bucchigiri-P
Illustrations by 生ハムばなな(Namahamubanana)
Singer; [Big-Al]
Voice by [Big-Al], 神威がくぽ [Gakupo Kamui/Gackpo Camui/Gackpoid]
*Lyrics are diffrent from the original

English subbed

Click here for the Japanese Lyrics
Click here for the Romaji Lyrics by Radioactive Pixie / toxic muffins

English translation by blacksaingrain

Dancing in the night on this Floor
I’ll SLASH guys who can’t get into the Rhythm
Dancing all the night in this age

As I had uncomfortable days, I made up my mind to visit Japan one day
I believed that I could take a hint to get away the boring everyday life if I met the legendary SAMURAI

There’re rulers at the top and guys waiting on them hand and foot at the bottom
I don't get in either of them and I just keep on DANCING
If you’re born as a man in this small Japan-island
Never stop till you unify the country! Get over any walls!

Dancing in the night! No matter what kind of Mix it is
I’ll commit HARAKIRI if I can’t get into the Rhythm
Dancing all the night in this age

After I came to Japan I was STUNNED
There were no SAMURAI anywhere
TRAINs came and went by to carry people like sinners who looked glazed
The best blossom is that of Cherry Tree
The greatest man is BUSHI
Who are you!?
BUSHI must put on a brave display even in adversity!
Are you the one?
Autumn eggplants are too delicious to give them to wives!!
Is he a descendant of SAMURAI…!?

I knew I was still too immature to speak to GIRLs I passed by at streets
But I tried to approach them only to be IGNORED in the result
Ah, then I’ll go up to the top as BUSHI
In a heartbeat I’ll slash guys who stand in my way into two with katana!
Dancing at the place wherever I am
I'll have a very happy groovy life if I could make the Rhythm
Dancing with your pace always
You've got to give it your BEST or you'd be WORTHLESS★SAMURAI(HEA!)

Now, let us dance together
Of course! How can I not?
Thou should relax thy shoulders. Thou might get hurt.
Thanks ! But... no problem with suffering one or two injuries
Fu...that's the spirit!!
[Gakupo & Big-AL]

Dancing in your life even at the very last moment
I would be HAPPY if there’s music
Dancing all your life by the time then
Everyone would credit us as DANCING★SAMURAI(HEA!)

Dancing in the night on this Floor
I’ll SLASH guys who can’t get into the Rhythm
Dancing all the night in this age
Trigger wars, LOWLY★SAMURAI(HEA!)

Someday I’ll be REAL★SAMURAI

Are thou going back to thy homeland?
I’m sorry...but I’ll never forget the dance with you all my life
Ha..do not say something like that as if this would be the last time
Come any time to dance
If I get better, I would think about that
Do not drop dead... till then

HARAKIRI yourself!


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Little Toy Robot


【BIG-AL】オリジナル曲「Little Toy Robot」

Song Title: Little Toy Robot
Romaji title:[Little Toy Robot]
Music and lyrics by さささP(Sasasa-P)
Language: English

Fanmade Promotinal Video and Mix

「Little Toy Robot」【いろいろ描いてみた】
Illustrated by ががめ(Gagame)
Singers; [BIG-AL], ほんこーん(Hongkooong)

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