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Platinum Romance プラチナロマンス



Song Title: Platinum Romance プラチナロマンス
Romaji Title:[Purachina Romansu]
Music & lyrics written by Re:nG
Illustrated by 他ヒャ
Singers: 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], [SF-A2 miki], 歌愛ユキ[Yuki Kaai]

English subbed

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English Lyrics translated by blacksaingrain

Let's sing along merrily
The swing is important
The swinging tempo gets faster
Maybe because you're running with your style
It's so easy to become an adult
So let me see an endless dream more, not a drama
Oh, let me dream
My heart is pounding
Just fill it at once!
I'm wistful
So I might get pouty a bit

If you want happiness
It's near-at-hand unexpectedly
I found it! A newly released
Tiramisu roll cake! (Last!)
You're always looking into the far distance
But please also look at me, I pray next to you
When I walk with standing on tiptoe, I fall down
In your arms
Vanilla ice cream melts
Just like that
My heart is almost melting
Just win it at once!
I can't stand
So can I give you a vicious pinch?
"...I'll be always happy ...as long as you're with me..."
An enchanting surprise
Just like that
Oh, please say it XD

A prince on a white horse
I don't believe in his appearance
Cause you're the only one I need
A royal escort
Sometimes you're unreliable
Of course I know that
But I count on you
For a happy end with smiles

English and Romaji lyrics translated by t12111

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