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同じように Just Like We Used To Be

Song Title: 同じように Just Like We Used To Be
Romaji title:[Onajiyouni]
Music by hatiku
Lyrics by てん(Ten)
Voice edited by IGASIO
Guitar by nightblow
Illustrations by kura, sinru_y, iwattobi
Originally sung by 初音ミク [Miku Hatsune], [KAITO]

<Cover by Ann and Leon

「同じように」 Sweet Ann×LEON 【ぼか主&ちょいワルPコラボ】
Voice edited by ちょい悪P(Choiwaru-P), ボカ主(Vokanushi)
Illustrated by ネイ(Nei)
Singers; [SWEET ANN], [LEON]

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English lyrics by motokokusanagi2009
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